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We have a service team who can handle your needs, large or small.

  • We have installed small 12 foot residential flagpoles as well as the largest flagpole in the Southeast standing at 234 feet high.  

  • Our service technicians will install new flags or banners for your home or business .  We will also repair your tattered and torn flag in order to extend their life.

  • We provide all auto dealers with a complete line of advertising materials specially designed to attract attention to their  dealership.  We'll transform your parking lot into a "sales lot".  We offer a wide variety of streamers, flags, flagpoles, and banners to enhance the visibility of each individual lot.  If you can send us a sketch of you lot detailing the layout of light poles, building, entrances and the main street, we can prepare a design sketch that will be sure to please you.  This is a "tried and proven" method of increasing automotive sales.

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2720 Governors Drive 
Huntsville, Alabama  35805 
Phone (256) 534-1300 


Fax:  (256)  533-1304








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